NBA Playoff Predictions

Here are my finalized NBA Playoff predictions. I don’t have many upsets, outside of the Thunder knocking off the Trailblazers, but here are my takes.

The #1’s and #2’s all get past their first round opponents relatively easy; only the Warriors will sweep in the end. The Pistons are a unique #8 seed to watch too.

The Nets will pose some problems for the 76ers; thus, I see the Nets taking two games from the 76ers. I don’t see the other #3 seed, the Trail Blazers, escaping the first round.

The Celtics are the best and only team I can see as a #4 or below seed making an NBA Finals run. I just can’t see the Rockets being so good they get past possibly the Warriors, Nuggets, and the Eastern Conference Champions.

I want the Warriors reign to come to an end. Let’s see some teams shift and crack this post season in a hope that this offseason will bring trades, huge signings, and the booming NBA draft showcasing mega talent.

Eric Fenstermaker NBA Playoff Bracket 2019

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