NBA Draft Q & A with Dylan Burd

The NBA Draft can be just as exciting as the NBA Finals. While there are plenty of potential NBA champions every season, not every team is in the driver’s seat and in a position to make a deep playoff run. The NBA Draft is an outlet for teams searching for the answer to their problems to find him amongst a pool of plenty of qualified athletes. This draft class features many prominent players from a plethora of different schools, and these future stars showcase just how bright the future of the NBA looks. Although there are plenty of mock drafts offering differing takes on the draft order and possible movement, the NBA Draft has and will continue to show it is an unpredictable and unique night that impacts all 30 teams deeply. I talked with Dylan Burd about some of the different prospects whose names will be called and about some of the possible chaos that may unfold. Dylan has produced multiple different mock draft predictions, and he has keen insight on the skills and breakdown of each rising star. Below is my interview with him:

Image result for darius garland
Darius Garland, via Yahoo Sports

Eric: I know you had Darius Garland going #4 to the Lakers in your mock draft before the Lakers’ trade for Anthony Davis. He’s a top talent for sure, but some are turned off by the injury and lack of footage in just a few collegiate games. Where do you see Garland landing now? Is it still #4, or has he fallen due to the trade?

Dylan: I think Garland still goes at 4. The reason being is because I think the pick will be dealt.

New Orleans Pelicans won the NBA lottery, via ESPN

Eric: Do you think the Pelicans keep the #4 pick? If so, who should they select? If not, what should they look to get in return?

Dylan: If I were the Pelicans, I’d look to move down. There’s not a major difference between 4 and 10 in this draft, so if I can acquire a quality starter and another top-10 pick, why not do it?

See the source image
Brandon Clarke, via USA Today

Eric: Who is the biggest player outside of the projected top 3- Williamson, Morant and Barrett respectively- who you believe will make the biggest splash in the NBA?

Dylan: Brandon Clarke or Jarrett Culver.

Eric: Bol Bol was projected a top pick in the draft before his injury, and he has definitely slid because of it. Some project him as a top 10 pick; others see him in the 15-20 range. Where do you stand?

See the source image
Bol Bol, via Sports Illustrated

Dylan: I have him mocked to the Hawks at pick 17. I think he goes anywhere from 13 or 14 to the end of the first round. The injury is a huge risk, but the talent is there.

See the source image
Jarrett Culver, via Sports Illustrated

Eric: Who do you believe will be the better NBA prospect: DeAndre Hunter or Jarrett Culver? Why?

Dylan: I like Culver. Both players will be good, but I think Culver is a lot better of a playmaker, and he is a better creator for himself. Both players are solid defensively.

Nassir Little, via Daily Tarheel

Eric: In your opinion, who will be the biggest bust?

Dylan: Nassir Little.

Eric: What team(s) do you think will be the most active on draft night and why?

Dylan: The most active teams will be the Pelicans, Thunder and Hawks. The Pelicans will look to trade down. The Thunder want to clear cap space. The Hawks have 3 firsts so they could look to move up or just get other assets with the picks.

Eric: Any bold trade predictions?

See the source image
Kevin Love, via

Dylan: Nothing bold but I think Kevin Love gets dealt tonight. Charlotte, New Orleans and Portland are possibilities.

You can follow Dylan Burd on Twitter: @Sports_Burd. You can also check out his content on his website,

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