Categorizing NBA Teams

These are the categories I developed to organize all 30 NBA teams. Every franchise is at a different point along the road from flop to champion, so organizing all 30 teams isn’t an easy task. I decided to examine the teams with relevancy- the teams who not only legitimately have a playoff chance but could be title contenders- first. I then moved down to the teams that were just outside that range. These teams are the next ones in if a team above them makes a poor mid-season trade or falls victim to a devestating injury. Following those boarderline teams, the average or decent reamaining few teams caught my eye. I then rounded out the list with the teams that will be fighting for the best picks in the NBA Draft Lottery. Below, I listed who I believe are the best, worst and most important team in each grouping. Let me know what you think of the list!

Title CONtenders:
  • Best: Los Angeles Clippers
  • Worst: Milwaukee Bucks
  • Most Intriguing: Los Angeles Lakers
Western conference playoff teams:
  • Best: Portland Trailblazers
  • Worst: San Antonio Spurs
  • Most Inriguing: Houston Rockets/ Utah Jazz
Eastern Conference Playoff Teams:
  • Best: Boston Celtics
  • Worst: Orlando Magic
  • Most Intriguing: Indiana Pacers
Playoff-fringe teams:
  • Best: Atlanta Hawks
  • Worst: Sacramento Kings
  • Most Intriguing: Honestly, all of them equally
Decent teams:
  • Best: Minnesota Timberwolves
  • Worst: Chicago Bulls
  • Most Intriguing: Miami Heat
Everyone else:
  • Best: Memphis Grizzlies
  • Worst: Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Most Intriguing: New York Knicks

3 thoughts on “Categorizing NBA Teams

  1. i got 76ers – Bucks for the eastern conf; clippers-lakers-warriors-rockets for the west. looks like an exciting season up ahead.


    1. Eric Fenstermaker

      I like a Clippers vs. 76ers NBA Finals, but that’s probably just the biased Philly fan in me talking!


  2. Carl goodman

    I got lakers, and the bucks for picks to make it to the finals.


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