Why Sports Fans Need Dynasties

Some fans view dynasties as anticompetitive, evil and horrible for the sport. Many fans believe that dynasties destroy the balance of the league because, despite the plethora of teams, only one seems to emerge victoriously. Spectators love to watch teams like the Golden State Warriors. They claim established dynasties upset the power structure of the league and eliminate any variability. Even though many of these ideas seem like sound arguments, they couldn’t be farther from the truth. Dynasties are a necessary commodity, and I’d even argue that they are the exact opposite of evil: They are a vital good. Here are just a few reasons why:

1. They promote competition:

By the very nature of the word’s origin, the word dynasty symbolizes rigidity in power and centralized success. So, how can a dynasty bring about a more competitive outcome? Dynasties create a mindset of anger and detest in the hearts of every other team not indulging in that success. Teams despise those who bask in the limelight for what seems like an eternity, and they become jealous and fueled with even desire to achieve greatness. If it was a merry-go-round of teams claiming championships, in which there was no consistent champion for multiple years, it may be viewed by some as if the victors were just lucky. The victors just happened to have the stars align, and they won’t be blessed the following year; moreover, some other lucky team will receive that blessing. Dynasties show that the champions aren’t just lucky, and it sets a standard for teams to meet or exceed.

2. Don’t like it? Then win:
If you can’t join him, beat him, via New England Patriots

If you don’t like seeing the same team win over and over again, stop them by winning. Some fans get angry seeing Tom Brady in the Super Bowl seemingly every year. The easy way to stop that is by defeating the New England Patriots. Brady is going to keep elevating his game, so the only way to dethrone him is by raising your skill above his. People only hate dynasties because they aren’t winning. As an Eagles fan, I hated watching Brady win yet another Super Bowl before 2018. Why? I was jealous that his team could continue to have success while mine was left on the outside looking in. It’s hard to not be jealous when Brady can achieve such heroic feats year after year. Dynasties provide another source of motivation to increase your gameplay purely because you envy the success of others.

3. They create new dynasties from themselves:
See the source image
Can Kevin Durant create a new dynasty with the Nets, via interbasket

Dynasties don’t last forever. One clear example of this is Rome. While it stood for a long time, Rome eventually fizzled out and fell apart. Many other dynasties grew out of that one, and some even pushed towards the same levels of greatness as the parent dynasty. The Golden State Warriors have had a stranglehold on the NBA Finals for multiple years. Since 2014, the Warriors have been in the NBA Finals every year, and they won 3 championships during that time. Now, the Warriors are fractured due to the loss of Kevin Durant. Will the dynasty continue, or will a new legacy arise? Great players revel in the accolades and fame of a championship, but they eventually want to be the leader who leads the team instead of simply being on it. Kevin Durant can now create a dynasty with the Nets. Kawhi Leonard can bring success to the “younger brother” LA team, the Clippers. From the ashes of the Warriors dynasty, another team will rise like Phoenix and attempt to embody success for years to come.

See the source image
Steph Curry wasn’t even taken in the top five of his class, via USA Today

Some NBA fans claim, “The Warriors ruined the NBA!” How exactly did they ruin it? Was it by drafting Steph Curry? They selected probably the best shooter of all time with the 7th overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft. Teams passed on Curry for players like Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn. Should we blame the Warriors for drafting well? Klay Thompson was selected with the 11th pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Thompson was even selected 4 spots above Kawhi Leonard, another superstar who has even more ability and skill than Thompson. Imagine all the other teams seeing these two studs pan out now and subsequently regretting their selections. Draymond Green wasn’t even a 1st round selection. Critics will scream, “Kevin Durant joined a 73-9 team”. Not only did the Warriors win a title without Durant, but also they didn’t win the title every single year they had Durant. Dynasties may be almost impossible to beat, but they aren’t completely impenetrable. Simply put, one player can’t create a dynasty; thus, it takes multiple different interwoven pieces to yield one output product of success.


The Warriors didn’t draft Steph Curry and then immediately raise championship banners. It took another three years after Green was drafted for the Warriors to even make the finals. Dynasties don’t just spring up overnight. Trading superstars around does speed up the process, but that’s not the only factor that plays a role. A dynasty needs solid role players and depth to achieve greatness. Like I mentioned above, just one athlete can create a dynasty. The Warriors were a work in progress for several years leading up to their 2015 NBA Finals victory. Thus, the Warriors deserve their time in the spotlight with the media because of the massive overhaul and dedication to raising the team. The Warriors did it the hard way, and they deserve the accolades that go in conjunction with it.

Kawhi claims second MVP award as Raptors take NBA title
Kawhi Leonard took Canada to its 1st NBA Finals ever and won, via Breitbart

Yes, the Warriors have dominated the NBA since 2015, but not for every second of that time frame have they been the best. The Cavaliers knocked them off in 2016 when LeBron led the city of Cleveland to a long-awaited title. The Raptors also recently dethroned the Warriors when quiet Kawhi led a team from Canada to NBA glory. The Warriors had a terrific and deadly dynasty working for them, but it also had flaws and cracks. Those cracks allowed a team from Canada and a team from a non-big market city like Cleveland to hoist the trophy instead during those two years. Dynasties may be great, but they aren’t perfect. When a team is finally able to break the armor of a dynasty, they are revered and honored like a knight who just vanquished a dragon or demolished a city.

7. They inspire and motivate future generations:

Everyone can use motivation and inspiration. Dynasties set the standard for dominance and remind us just how great we can be. Dynasties set the bar for future generations to exceed. Instead of going 73-9, try going 75-7, or even 82-0. Dynasties instill hope and desire in our hearts to smash the records of the previous record-smashers. New dynasties look to surpass the old ones in fame and glory and bring about a new definition of greatness.

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