Eagles at Bills Week 8 Prediction

It’s week eight, and I know just about as much as the team as I did week one. The Eagles are a complete mystery to me. On paper, the Eagles have a solid defense, terrific offensive line, a tremendous receiving corps, talented running backs, and a franchise quarterback. So far, this has translated to a 2-5 start. How? I honestly don’t know. The Eagles have multiple blaring holes – including the offensive line and secondary, – and they haven’t done much to change that all season long. Carson Wentz doesn’t have nearly enough time, and even if he gets a pass off, the receivers can’t catch. The offense and defense is struggling big time. I predicted the Bills to shock the Eagles before the season started, but it’s not a shock anymore. I’m going against the Eagles, but I’ll be more than happen to admit I was wrong if they can secure a road win. The Bills look talented, and with a lone loss to the undefeated Patriots, this is going to be brutal for the battered birds.

Final Prediction: Eagles 17, Bills 26

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