Eagles vs. Bears Week 9 Prediction

I am 2-6 predicting the Philadelphia Eagles this season. Yes, I am 2-6 picking my own favorite team that I have been following since I was a child. Why? Simply put, they are wildly unpredictable. The Eagles baffle me. Some games, the run is weak and can’t get established. Other games, the Eagles rush for almost 200 yards. Carson Wentz looks tremendous, yet receivers can’t catch, and his “safety blanket,” Zach Ertz, has just one touchdown. The Eagles can beat good teams like the Packers and Bills, yet they lose to teams like the Falcons. So, are the Bears a good or bad team? Honestly, they are both. The offense is atrocious, but the defense is elite. The Eagles’ defense shouldn’t have an issue, but how will the offense fare? I’m half tempted to predict a Bears win, just because I know the opposite of what I pick will occur, but I’m not superstitious. I’m picking the Eagles in this one. I think Wentz and co. will find a way to get the job done in a low-scoring contest. 

Final Prediction: Eagles 17, Bears 10

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