2019 NFL Letter Grades per Week 10

            The 2019 NFL season is just over half way completed. How has your team done so far? With my Philadelphia Eagles on a bye week, I decided to try a new concept: giving every team letter grades. Utilizing Tiermaker.com and the original idea from Colin Cowherd, I ranked every team with a traditional academic mark ranging from A to F. In my rankings, I took every factor into consideration. For example, the Raiders are ranked above the Bills because they have done more with less and have exceeded their expected results. I took into account schedule difficulty, player talent, coaching ability, and many other factors. Here are my rankings:


  • Best team in the row: San Francisco 49ers
  • Worst team in the row: Seattle Seahawks

The A teams have been the cream of the crop this season. They set the standard for excellence, and these teams are who everyone else aspires to be. The 49ers have rocketed out of the gate to an incredible undefeated start. The Patriots have been led by their stout defense, and they haven’t had to put the weight of the franchise on Tom Brady’s shoulders. The Saints are spectacular, and they have spent a good chunk of the season without their franchise QB. The Ravens have plenty of quality wins, including one against the Patriots, and Lamar Jackson continues to elevate his play. The Seahawks continue to dominate opponents, and Russell Wilson has taken his performances to another level. This row features the most likely Super Bowl victors.


  • Best team in the row: Green Bay Packers
  • Worst team in the row: Houston Texans

This row features many prolific teams, but they have one or two flaws that keep them from the pinnacle of NFL glory. Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones are leading the Packers to excellence with a new coach, but they have two bad losses against the Eagles and Chargers. The Vikings are one of the most complete teams in the NFL, but they haven’t always been consistent and sometimes lack the ability to stop opposing offenses. The Texans just lost their defensive leader, and, at times, the offense can suffer due to the true presence of a dynamic rusher. We all know the Chiefs have the offense, but it’s their defense that might be the factor holding them back from a trip to the Super Bowl. Can one of these teams jump into the top row before the season ends?


  • Best team in the row: Carolina Panthers

The margin between B and B is very slim, but it just means more consistency and a tad more belief from me. The Panthers have done plenty more with Kyle Allen than I expected. The Rams have started sluggish, but they have rebounded nicely over the last few weeks. I think this tier will be very fluid, and it wouldn’t surprise me to see a couple of teams leap into and fall out of this row.


  • Best team in the row: Dallas Cowboys
  • Worst team in the row: Oakland Raiders

This row is the dividing line between A-caliber excellence and C-caliber flops. The Cowboys have one of the best teams in the league, but I don’t think they have fully tapped into their potential. The Colts have done exceptionally well despite losing Andrew Luck right before the start of the season. The Raiders have done so much with so little, and I only predicted them to have three wins, so they have blown me away. This row includes teams that have exceeded potential or, maybe, haven’t tapped into it fully.


  • Best team in the row: Buffalo Bills

I think this row includes the most shocking teams for me. The Steelers have lost so many weapons and talented pieces over the last few years, yet they find themselves still right in it and keeping pace in the AFC. The Bills have also smashed my expectations. While I think they will falter as the season goes on, the Bills look good right now. This row could contain a team that makes a deep playoff run.


  • Best team in the row: Philadelphia Eagles
  • Worst team in the row: Arizona Cardinals

I call this row “limbo” because it fluctuates so much. The Eagles have too much talent, but they can’t ever seem to get it all going in the same direction for a full 60 minutes. The Lions started strong, but they have fallen off tremendously since. The Broncos are doing better than I thought, but I honestly don’t know what to make of them quite yet. The “Kyler Murray experiment” in Arizona seems to be paying out well so far, but how long will it last for the injury riddled Cardinals. I don’t think any team in this row will finish here at the end of the year.


  • Best team in the row: Los Angeles Chargers
  • Worst team in the row: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Just like a “C” in school, these teams are average, bland, and lackluster. The Titans have 0 NFL ready QBs on their roster, and it shows along with a poor defense. The Chargers have started poorly, but I’m curious to see how they rebound. The Buccaneers are a QB away from doubling their win total. The Jaguars shouldn’t be graded on their season so far. I think they can really be something next year when Nick Foles plays a full season This row is just unappealing and, honestly, forgettable.


  • Best team in the row: Chicago Bears
  • Worst team in the row: New York Giants

These teams are nothing special, but I’d feel bad lumping them in with the real losers and bottom dwellers of the league. The Bears drafted arguably the worst first round QB of the millennium in Mitch Trubisky. The Browns were predicted by some to have 12 wins. Now, I wonder if they will hit .500. The Giants have just one positive thing going for them: They aren’t the worst team “New York” team in the league.


  • Best team in the row: I have no idea
  • Worst team in the row: Cincinnati Bengals

Simply put, these teams are awful. The Jets have a talented young QB and Le’Veon Bell, yet they have one win. The Redskins have a talented young WR, but their rookie QB hasn’t looked too great, yet. The Dolphins won a game, so that’s pretty cool, but they can’t even tank right. Hey, Falcons, how does Julio Jones + Calvin Ridley + other good players yield you just one win? Seriously, I’m baffled at the Falcons. The Bengals are the team that gives validity to the notion that a team like Alabama or Ohio State could beat an NFL team.

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