Eagles vs. Giants Week 14 Prediction

The Eagles are unpredictable; yes, I know you have heard this before. In a game that should have been a slam dunk win, the Eagles gave up 37 points and lost. The offense has sputtered and looked poor recently. Doug Pederson hasn’t embraced the run, and Carson Wentz has struggled to make throws. The receiving corps is weak at best, and, essentially, the best talent to catch the ball is the TE duo of Zach Ertz and Dallas Goedert. The Eagles defense looked solid for back-to-back weeks against solid QBs, but then they were sliced and diced by Ryan Fitzpatrick. I don’t know what will happen in this game. The Giants are equally as bad, and they are coming off a bad loss against the Packers. I’ll take the Eagles in this one for one simple reason: Somehow, they still have something to play for. 

Final Prediction: Eagles 27, Giants 21

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