Eagles vs. Redskins Week 15 Prediction

It wasn’t pretty, but the Eagles found a way to defeat the Giants. The Eagles had a pitiful first half, but they rebounded with a solid second half and impressive OT drive. I think the Eagles still have a tremendous way to go, but there was at least some sign of life after going down 17-3 to the weak Giants. I don’t know how the Eagles will play the Redskins this week. During their week one match-up, the Eagles found themselves down for a good chunk of the game. Now, there is so much on the line. Just one loss can mean the difference between hosting a playoff game and watching from your couch. The Eagles are the much better team, but they have had plenty of trouble getting everything moving in the same direction. I’ll take the Eagles in this one because I know they are the better team, but I am weary because the Redskins are better than the Giants, and if the Eagles go down – like they did against the Giants – I don’t know if they can recover. 

Final Prediction: Eagles 27, Redskins 17

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