Eagles vs. Cowboys Week 16 Preview

The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the Redskins, and they now face their biggest game of the year against the Cowboys. This game will finally solidify who will own the NFC-East crown, and this game is for all the marbles. Both teams need a major win here, and it all comes down to this. Here’s what to watch for tomorrow:

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Image via NBC Sports Philadelphia

1 – Run more: The Philadelphia Eagles have continued to embrace the pass more than the run. Boston Scott and Miles Sanders were the two biggest catalysts in the win against the Redskins; however, the Eagles continue to abuse the passing game. Only one Eagles’ receiver, Greg Ward, had a catch. Everyone else was a RB or TE. The Eagles need to bolster the number of carries and decrease the number of passes. They should find much more success with a greater balance.

2 – Show up: Do the Eagles have a defense? For three straight weeks, the Eagles’ defense has been decimated by low-level QBs. The Eagles have made bottom-feeding QBs look like hall-of-fame candidates, and it won’t work against the Cowboys’ offense. While the Cowboys have had their struggles, they have a potent offense. The combination of Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott is a dynamic one, and the Eagles can’t afford to be as pathetic as they have the last three weeks.

3 – Start fast: It will be very hard for both teams to come back if they find themselves trailing early. This game could be won in the first quarter if one team is good enough to achieve a sizable lead. The Eagles have had plenty of struggles coming back late – a position they have found themselves in quite frequently – and the Cowboys have had the tendency to self-implode. The first 15 minutes of the game will prove to set the entire tone.

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4 – Momentum: Momentum is vital in sports. It can make you, and it can also break you. In a season-determining game, this match-up will require both teams to utilize every ounce of edge that they can muster up. The Eagles will be feeding off their home crowd, one of the best atmospheres in sports. The Cowboys will be using their crushing victory over the playoff-hopeful Rams to fuel themselves in this match-up. Which will prove to be the deciding factor?

5 – History: The Eagles lost earlier in the season to the Cowboys, and it wasn’t even close. When it comes to history, this goes back a plethora of years. More important than most of their match-ups, this one is for the division. Can the Eagles make history and resurrect their abysmal season, or will the Cowboys defeat their perennial enemies?

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