Eagles vs. Giants Week 17 Preview

The Eagles are coming off their most important win of the year against the Cowboys, and, now, they are one win away from an NFC-East title. The Eagles handed the Giants a loss earlier in the season, but this game carries so much more weight and significance. Can the Eagles defeat the Giants and secure a playoff berth? Here’s what to watch for tomorrow:

Image result for MILES SANDERS
Image via NBCSports Philadelphia

1 – Miles Sanders: Simply put, Miles Sanders is the real deal. He is an elite threat as a receiver and rusher, and Sanders continues to be a dynamic catalyst, with or without Jordan Howard. Sanders, in my opinion, is the best player on the Eagles’ roster right now. He has dramatically transformed the team all-season long, and he continues to be a spark in big games. I expect the Eagles to lean heavily on him during this match-up.

2 – Who: This has been the typical question whenever the Eagles’ offense takes the field. The Eagles just outscored the Cowboys with players like Greg Ward, Dallas Goedert, and JJ Arcega-Whiteside. The Eagles needed huge games from their smallest stars, and they delivered and then some. The Eagles have felt the wrath of the “injury bug,” yet they are still performing well for their talent level available. Can this group continue to defy the odds?

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Image via SI

3 – Kill the comparisons: So, the “Dak vs. Wentz” and “Wentz vs. Foles” debates are over now, right? Wentz had more completions on fewer passes, threw for more yards, and had more TD’s than Dak Prescott. Nick Foles hasn’t lived up to expectations in Jacksonville – although I do think a good amount is because of his injury and other circumstances. Carson Wentz has shown over the last few games that he is an elite QB, even if he doesn’t have much around him.

4 – Defensive adjustments: The Eagles’ defense is so hit or miss, but they definitely hit against the Cowboys. The Eagles held Ezekiel Elliott, one of the league’s best rushers, to under 50 yards rushing. They also held Amari Cooper, a top-WR threat, to under 25 yards receiving. Needless to say, the Eagles’ defense did what they had to and got the job done. The Giants may not have the best offense, but they have enough weapons to still be potent enough, so the Eagles need another shutdown performance.

5 – What’s at stake: Quite literally, everything is at stake. If the Eagles win, they secure the #4 seed in the NFL playoffs and will host a first-round game. If they lose, the Eagles would need the Cowboys to lose in their final game. The Eagles have been scrapping all year long to get this close, and four quarters will decide if they are able to enter the promised land of the NFL Playoffs.

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