NFL Conference-Championship Picks

About three hours before the Ravens played the Titans, I decided to place all of my trust in the underdog Titans. I am so glad that I decided to role with them because the Titans knocked out the Ravens, who were the best team in the NFL this season. I only picked the Seahawks wrong, so it was a very good week picks wise. There are only two games left; moreover, I decided to be more detailed on each match-up. Here are my picks:

Conference championships straight-up picks.

Regular-season record: 163-92-1, Playoff record: 4-4

W1: 12-3-1, W2: 8-8, W3: 10-6, W4: 9-6, W5: 9-6, W6: 8-6, W7: 11-3, W8: 12-2, W9: 7-7, W10: 7-6, W11: 10-4, W12: 9-5, W13: 8-8, W14: 11-5, W15: 11-5, W16: 9-7, W17: 11-5, WC: 1-3, DR: 3-1


  • The italicized team is favorited, according to ESPN
  • The team listed first is the home team

San Francisco 49ers (-7) vs. Green Bay Packers:

            The NFC featured two upsets in the wild-card round, but, in the end, the two best seeds, the 49ers and Packers made it to the championship. Both teams love running the ball. The Packers utilize the combination of Jamaal Williams and Aaron Jones, while the 49ers lean on Tevin Coleman and Raheem Mostert. The Packers definitely have the edge at QB, but the 49ers’ defense is lethal. With one of the best pass-rushing attacks in NFL history, the 49ers love to torment opposing quarterbacks. When you add home-field advantage, a potent defense, and a multi-back rushing scheme, I think that is the right formula for a Super Bowl run. Also, I think the Packers are weaker than their record shows.

49ers: 27, Packers: 19

Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5) vs. Tennessee Titans:

            If you needed to sum up the AFC in one word, it would be crazy. The Titans knocked off the defending champions, the New England Patriots, and they followed that up with a win over the dynamic Baltimore Ravens. The Chiefs enjoyed a first-round bye, but they didn’t steamroll the Texans until they found themselves in a gigantic hole. Down 24 points, the Chiefs outscored the Texans 51-7 the rest of the way to secure an impressive victory. The Titans rely heavily on Derrick Henry, their elite rusher, so, if it comes down to a QB battle, the Chiefs will win handedly. Believe it or not, I love diversity in sports, and, honestly, I’m happy with whoever wins. If the Titans win, my brother will be happy, and it’s a win for underdogs, too. If the Chiefs win, Andy Reid may just get his Super-Bowl win. Sorry, Andy, but I’m going with the Titans. I like the way this team is playing, and I’d love to see a new team make it.

Titans: 26, Chiefs: 24

Eliminated: Eagles, Saints, Patriots, Bills, Texans, Vikings, Seahawks, Ravens

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