2020 Super Bowl Pick

            Underdogs, like the Titans, are fantastic; however, eventually, they fall short. The Titans had a tremendous run in the playoffs, but talent and explosiveness eventually will be the death of the underdog. The Chiefs ran up the score, and they found themselves heading to Miami. The 49ers handled the Packers solidly all game long, and despite a poor season just one year before, they find themselves heading to Miami, as well. The 49ers scored a ton of points as well, but they utilized the rush, not the pass. Both teams are very different in so many ways, and this match-up will be a fantastic one to watch. I’ve been .500 in the playoffs this season, so this game will decide how my season will end: either positive or negative. Here is my pick for the 2020 Super Bowl:

Super Bowl straight-up pick.

Regular-season record: 163-92-1, Playoff record: 5-5

W1: 12-3-1, W2: 8-8, W3: 10-6, W4: 9-6, W5: 9-6, W6: 8-6, W7: 11-3, W8: 12-2, W9: 7-7, W10: 7-6, W11: 10-4, W12: 9-5, W13: 8-8, W14: 11-5, W15: 11-5, W16: 9-7, W17: 11-5, WC: 1-3, DR: 3-1, CCR: 1-1


  • The italicized team is favorited, according to ESPN

Kansas City Chiefs (-1) vs. San Francisco 49ers (in Miami):

            The Chiefs and the 49ers vary wildly in their styles. The Chiefs love to throw the ball, and they carve up defenses using Patrick Mahomes and weapons like Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. The 49ers love utilizing the running game, and running back Raheem Mostert rushed for 220 yards and 4 touchdowns against the Packers. In fact, Jimmy Garoppolo threw just 8 times in their win over the Packers. The 49ers have the NFL’s best defense, while the Chiefs’ defense is good, but not too great. The 49ers and Chiefs both have talented coaches, and both coaches have been in this situation before. Additionally, both coaches have been on the losing end of this game, so they will be extra motivated to finally secure a victory. Both teams love to display their elite tight ends, and this isn’t a game that will be over quickly. To win this game, the victor will need to be the better team for all 60 minutes.

            This game is hard for me to pick. No, it’s not hard because of the difficulty of the game; rather, it’s an outside factor. I am an Eagles fan, and I love Andy Reid. I am so thankful for everything that Reid did for the Eagles’ organization. Andy Reid has been oh-so-close before, but he has never earned the ring that he deserves. I want Andy to finally get that coveted honor that he has worked so hard for. Sadly, I don’t think this will happen. I like the 49ers to win this game for 2 reasons. First, I like the 49ers ability to run the ball. The Titans were one dimensional with their run game, and it almost carried them past the Chiefs. Having a run game that potent in the playoffs is a major key. If the Titans were just a tad better, they could have escaped Arrowhead with a win. The 49ers are that much better than the Titans, and I think they will have enough.

            Secondly, the 49ers have a formidable, dynamic defense. With one of the best pass rushes I have ever seen, the 49ers can get after opposing quarterbacks quickly and effectively. If you give Mahomes time, then he will find ways to carve up your defense. The 49ers won’t allow Mahomes time to find his weapons, and this will greatly limit his effectiveness. He still will have a decent game, but it won’t be enough. Mahomes needs space to operate, and he won’t be afforded that luxury. Also, the 49ers have a solid secondary, led by Richard Sherman, and all 11 players are talented. If you add the offensive and defensive ability of both teams together, the 49ers sum is greater. In the end, it takes two sides of the ball to win a game. The Chiefs’ advantage offensively isn’t better than the 49ers’ advantage defensively. I love the fact the 49ers can run the ball, and I think Jimmy G has plenty of his own left to display. It will be a close one, but I’ll take the 49ers to win this match-up.

49ers: 31, Chiefs: 26

Eliminated: Eagles, Saints, Patriots, Bills, Texans, Vikings, Seahawks, Ravens, Titans, Packers

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