Dak Prescott: A Franchise QB?

Image via USA Today

Dak Prescott was selected in the 4th round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Prescott is a hidden gem from this draft, but just how good is he? While he has surpassed expectations from his draft spot, can Prescott be a catalyst or just a stop-gap filler? Let’s examine the positives and negatives of Dak Prescott.

Prescott has surpassed those drafted around him. Of all the quarterbacks taken in this draft, I would only select one quarterback before Prescott: Carson Wentz. I’d take Prescott before other quarterbacks taken prior to him, including Jared Goff, Paxton Lynch, and Christian Hackenberg.

Last season, Prescott threw for almost 5,000 yards (4902), and he had a career high in passing touchdowns (30). Also, Prescott has been a threat in the NFL due to his dual-threat ability as a passer and rusher. He has not missed a game in his career, and durability is an extremely advantageous trait in the NFL. However, let’s examine what Prescott has done in these four seasons.

The Cowboys have a 40-24 record since Prescott took over as the franchise’s quarterback (63% winning percentage). This puts Prescott outside the tier of elite quarterbacks and places him in a group of “good, not great” quarterbacks. Also, the Cowboys have won the NFC East twice, yet they have just one playoff victory.

Prescott has won during the regular season, but he hasn’t been able to dominate the postseason. While this failure isn’t all on Prescott, he does need to do a better job at being that catalyst. He seems to again fit the mold of “good, not great.” From a leadership perspective, Prescott displays both positive and negative attributes.

Prescott seems to have good control over the team and the locker room. Since the quarterback is the focal point of the offense, Prescott needs to ensure he has tight control over the offense and locker room. Fans gravitate towards Prescott, and he has the backing of the organization and Jerry Jones. Prescott has Cowboys fans excited and inspired, and that’s never an easy task. Yet, as far as the positives go, there are two major negatives to consider.

First, Prescott wants money greater than his skillset. He’s holding out for a contract, and the contract he wants would hurt the Cowboys ability to acquire additional weapons and improve in other areas. Second, I don’t like the selfish action of his COVID-19 party. With a worldwide pandemic taking place and people dying everywhere, it’s a bad mark on his character, and it could illuminate some of his selfish inner desires.

As a whole, Prescott has surpassed the expectations of his fourth-round pick, but Cowboys fans need to remember he was selected in the 4th round for a reason. He is – and in my opinion will always stay – a “good, not great QB.” He has captured the hearts of his fan base and the Cowboys organization, but how long will that love last if Prescott can’t deliver more playoff wins or a Super Bowl?

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