Why the Bengals Should Trade the #1 Pick

Image via Bengals.com

Recently. the Cincinnati Bengals haven’t enjoyed much success. The Bengals have zero winning seasons since 2016, and from 2011-2015, they lost five straight years in the Wild Card Round. Now, the Bengals own the 1st overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. Taking their quarterback of the future, Joe Burrow, seems like the obvious choice. However, does it actually make more sense to trade the pick?

The Bengals need to consider two things. First, Burrow could be a “flash in the pan.” Burrow could fall out of the spotlight as quickly as he found it. Second, there are some serviceable options in the quarterback market right now. Two options include Jameis Winston and Cam Newton. Also, there’s no guarantee that a first-round quarterback will yield first-round talent.

After being selected #2 overall in the 2015 Draft, Marcus Mariota didn’t live up to expectations with the Titans. Has Jared Goff given the production worthy of his #1 overall selection? Mitch Trubisky – taken #2 overall in 2017 – has proved to be a botched pick. The Bengals need this pick to pay dividends, and taking a quarterback doesn’t always equal success. So, who could they potentially trade with: the Miami Dolphins.

The Miami Dolphins have three first-round selections (#5, #18, and #26). If I am in the Bengals’ front office, I would attempt to steal all of the Dolphins’ first-round picks. If the Bengals do this, they win the draft. The Bengals would still have options at quarterback with the 18th pick, so they could select one there, if they desire. Then, what should they do with the other picks?

With the 5th overall pick, the Bengals have options, but there’s one obvious selection: Isaiah Simmons. Let’s assume the draft pans out as planned: The Dolphins take Joe Burrow, the Redskins take Chase Young, the Lions take Jeff Okudah, and the Giants take Mekhi Becton. This would place Simmons, a dynamic and talented stud, right in the Bengals’ lap. Is Burrow worth more Simmons and a bounty of picks? If the Bengals can’t trade with the Dolphins, there is one other avenue I would pursue: Chase Young and Cam Newton.

Cam Newton is still a solid quarterback, and he definitely still has something left to prove. After seeing Newton on social media, I think that he will come back determined and passionate. Chase Young is a terror on defense. After seeing the success of the Bosa Brothers, the Bengals have a great view at the success Young could have. With this option, the Bengals would be getting a starting-caliber QB and a potent pass-rushing force.

Regardless of how they do it, I think the Bengals should trade the #1 pick. The return is far greater than just Burrow, and it would make great sense for the Bengals to acquire a great hall in return. The Bengals have an option with the number one pick. Will they cash it for just one player, or will they turn one pick into three players?

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