Analyzing the 1st round of the 2020 NFL Draft

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1. Bengals- Joe Burrow: A+

He’s the quarterback that the Bengals need to redirect their team. He’s a winner, and he’s coming off an incredible season. This was too easy for what they needed. He fits exactly what the Bengals need to transform their franchise.

2. Redskins- Chase Young: A++

I wish there was a grade higher than A+. So, I gave the coveted “A++” grade here. Young is the best player in the draft, and the Redskins got an absolute stud with this pick. He’s going to be haunting the NFC East next season.

3. Lions- Jeff Okudah: A

He fills an immediate gap that the Lions have with Slay leaving. I like this pick because the Lions need to improve a lot defensively. The Lions will be better equipped to handle passers in the talented NFC.

4. Giants- Andrew Thomas: B

This is the right position, but the wrong player. I didn’t even have him in my top 10. It’s the first selection that has confused me so far, but, again, it’s the correct position that the Giants need help with the most. He’s incredibly talented, make no mistake about that.

5. Dolphins- Tua Tagovailoa: A+

Fully healthy, Tua Tagovailoa is the best QB in this draft. The Dolphins didn’t have to trade any picks to get him, and the Dolphins get a player that can transform the franchise. I love this pick for Miami.

6. Chargers- Justin Herbert: B

I think leaving a guy like Simmons on the board will haunt the Chargers. I’m not a big believer in Herbert, and there were talented defensive players available. I get they wanted a QB, but I’m still not in love with the pick.

7. Panthers- Derrick Brown: A-

I like Brown a lot, but I think the Panthers were lucky to have Simmons available, and they didn’t take him. Brown is solid, but Simmons should have been the pick. It’s still a great pick, though.

8. Cardinals- Isaiah Simmons: A+

He should not have fallen this far. Simmons can play so many positions, and he’s incredible. This is the steal of the draft so far, and I love this pick for the Cardinals. He’s a versatile athlete, and he can be a catalyst on the Cardinals’ defense.

9. Jaguars- CJ Henderson: B-

I love the player, but not at this spot. I think that the Jaguars should have snagged someone else. The Jaguars could have used a top receiver or even traded back and selected Henderson later. It’s a bit of a reach for me.

10. Browns- Jedrick Wills: A+

I thought he should have been drafted at pick #4. The Browns needed another tackle to bolster their offensive line, and they got the player they need in Wills. I really like this pick. The Browns need to protect Baker Mayfield, and Wills can do that at an elite level.

11. Jets- Mekhi Becton: A

I think this is the best option for the Jets besides a WR. The Jets could use the protection for Sam Darnold, and the Jets are working on protecting their franchise leader. Oh, and Le’Veon Bell shouldn’t complain, right?

12. Raiders- Henry Ruggs III: A-

Speed burns defenders, but I still think that Jerry Jeudy and CeeDee Lamb are better than he is from a technical standpoint. The Raiders start the “run on receivers” with a fast one. Honestly, they couldn’t go wrong with any of the three here.

13. Buccaneers- Tristan Wirfs: A

The Buccaneers get a fantastic tackle, and they get him a spot many didn’t consider him to be available at. While I question the trade a little bit, I love the addition. He will keep Brady safe. The Buccaneers addressed a major need with this selection.

14. 49ers- Javon Kinlaw: B

I think the 49ers should have taken a receiver. I think they need more help on offense than defense, so this is a good pick, but it should have lost been elsewhere. The 49ers are already deep on defense, so it puzzles me why they wouldn’t go elsewhere.

15. Broncos- Jerry Jeudy: A+

The Broncos just drafted a stud receiver. I’m surprised he lasted this long. I really thought he would go before #13. The Broncos are staying competitive at the WR position in the AFC West. The Broncos made a great selection with their pick.

16. Falcons- A.J. Terrell: B+

The Falcons add a player that will help their defense immediately. The Falcons have the offensive firepower, but their defense lacks in many areas. I like this pick for the Falcons. It will help them limit opposing offenses in the NFC South.

17. Cowboys- CeeDee Lamb: A++

So far, this is the best selection of the NFL Draft. The Cowboys snagged a guy that has big play explosion, and they stole him from the Eagles, their division rivals. They bolster their offense, and they strike a powerful blow to a division foe.

18. Dolphins- Austin Jackson: B+

Jackson will be greatly appreciated by Tua Tagvailoa. Jackson will be charged with protecting the Dolphins’ future. He’s not up to par with the other tackles selected, in my opinion, but he’s still pretty good.

19. Raiders- Damon Arnette: B-

This pick is a reach for me. I think there were better options available, but, in the Raiders’ division, secondary help is vital. It’s an interesting pick, and I’m curious how he will develop. Selecting a DB to combat the Chiefs’ and Raiders’ weapons is a good idea.

20. Jaguars- K’Lavon Chaisson: B+

The Jaguars get a versatile LB, but he does have an injured past. It’s a great addition to get someone that can do so much, and I like this pick for the Jaguars. He can do a lot, and he will need to do so for the Jaguars.

21. Eagles- Jalen Reagor: C

The Eagles reached for a receiver that could have been there on the 2nd day. They could have used a LB or secondary help, and they went with a reach at receiver. This is my least favorite pick so far.

22. Vikings- Justin Jefferson: A

The Vikings get a receiver to replace Diggs, and they snag a talented player without losing picks. This is a fantastic selection for the Vikings, and I’m shocked he lasted this long. Replacing Diggs isn’t easy, but this is a fantastic start.

23. Chargers- Kenneth Murray: A-

This is a fantastic pick for the Chargers. They trade up to get the a player that is dynamic on defense, and he has plenty of upside. They may regret not having other selections later, but it’s a solid selection right now.

24. Saints- Cesar Ruiz: A

He’s a lineman that can play different positions, and he will provide protection for Kamara and Brees. The Saints took one of the best players left, and it’s a great move. With Brees’ time running out, the Saints are adding a piece to protect him.

25. 49ers- Brandon Aiyuk: B+

The 49ers move up and snag a player that will immediately contribute. I like Aiyuk to have great production from the start. Check out his wingspan. Jimmy G. now has a new weapon.

26. Packers- Jordan Love: F

This is incredibly dumb. You have Aaron Rodgers. Do you not know how good Rodgers is? I am shocked, and not in a good way. This is a weird look. What is the game plan here?

27. Seahawks- Jordyn Brooks: B

He’s a solid pickup for the Seahawks’ defense. The Seahawks could use some defensive help, and he should add a lot for this roster. Can he revitalize the “Legion of Boom?”

28. Ravens- Patrick Queen: A

The Ravens snagged a guy I didn’t think would survive past #23. He’s a fantastic addition, and he will definitely bolster their defense. I really like this pick for the Ravens. He should add a lot. and it makes a lot of sense to me.

29. Titans- Isaiah Wilson: A+

The Titans need to protect Tannehill, who just received a large contract. They snagged a tackle late in the draft, and it didn’t cost them any additional picks. This is a fantastic pick for the Titans. They didn’t waste this pick.

30. Dolphins- Noah Igbinoghene: B

The Dolphins should have gone with a running back. This pick should have been for a different position. I’m just not sure if this is the best selection. They could have even traded out of the first round.

31. Vikings- Jeff Gladney: B+

The Vikings add to their secondary. They bolster their CBs, and they add to their needs on defense. It’s a solid pick for the Vikings, and it fits a spot they could use some help at.

32. Chiefs- Clyde Edwards: A

He will add to the potent Chiefs’ offense, and he is a luxury pick. The Chiefs could have taken so many positions here, and I’m glad they went RB here. This will help make their offense even more lethal.

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