Analyzing the Eagles’ 2020 Schedule

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The Philadelphia Eagles earned a 9-7 record last season, and they solidified the NFC East title. They played the Seattle Seahawks in the Wild Card Round; unfortunately, the Eagles were eliminated following their 17-9 loss. Now that the Eagles’ 2020 schedule has been released, here are my predictions for each game, and here is how I believe the Eagles will perform during regular season. Will it be enough to earn a playoff berth? Let’s find out!

WEEK 1: Philadelphia Eagles at Washington Redskins- VICTORY (1-0)

The Eagles start off the season with a game against the worst team in their division. The Redskins did get a stud in Chase Young in the 2020 NFL Draft, but he’s not nearly enough to push them past the Eagles. I like the Eagles’ offense to put up 25+ points, and I think the Eagles’ defense will rise up and contain the Redskins’ offense. This will be a great way for the Eagles to start the season off on the right foot.

WEEK 2: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Los Angeles Rams- VICTORY (2-0)

The Rams are going through a lot of changes with moving pieces, and I don’t think that they are at the level to compete for a Super Bowl ring right now. Jared Goff is not the quarterback that the Rams thought he would be, and they just lost Todd Gurley and other key pieces. The Eagles will benefit from their home field advantage, and they will secure a victory. It won’t be a landslide win, but it will be a solid win.

WEEK 3: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Cincinnati Bengals- VICTORY (3-0)

I probably have more confidence in the Bengals than the average fan, but the Bengals don’t have enough right now to defeat the Eagles, especially because the Bengals are on the road in this contest. I think the Bengals will give the Eagles a scare, but it will not be enough to secure a victory. I’ll take the Eagles by 9-10 points here. Also, this game is on my birthday, so I’m wishing for a happy birthday!

WEEK 4: Philadelphia Eagles at San Francisco 49ers- LOSS (3-1)

The Eagles will have a lot of momentum going into this game, and they will need it against the talented 49ers’ roster. The 49ers have a ferocious defense, and the offense is coming along nicely. The 49ers will go as far as their defense can carry them, and I think it will be enough to lift them past the Eagles. The Eagles struggle at times offensively, and they can’t afford to struggle early. This will be a close game, but I am a firm believer in the 49ers’ ability to pressure QBs. The Eagles have to lose eventually.

WEEK 5: Philadelphia Eagles at Pittsburgh Steelers- VICTORY (4-1)

I’m surprised that this game didn’t earn a specialty time slot, but it’s probably because the Steelers just aren’t that good right now. I think this is one of the easier games for the Eagles this season. The Eagles shouldn’t have a problem putting up enough points, and even if the offense struggles, the Eagles’ defense won’t give up more than 14 points. This is a unique game for the Eagles because they play an in-state rival, and the Eagles will defeat the Steelers handedly.

WEEK 6: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Baltimore Ravens- LOSS (4-2)

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens had the NFL terrified last season. If the Ravens beat the Titans in the playoffs last year, there’s a real possibility that the Ravens end the season with a Super Bowl victory. I think that Lamar Jackson will be explosive again this season, but he won’t be as dynamic as last year. However, it will be enough to get past the Eagles. The Ravens had an incredible draft, and they have both a potent offense and defense. The Ravens will defeat the Eagles in this contest.

WEEK 7: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New York Giants- VICTORY (5-2)

The Giants don’t have the talent that the Eagles do. This is a game that the Eagles should win by 14 or more points. The Eagles are healthier than last season, and they added good players in the NFL Draft. If the Eagles can stop Saquon Barkley, then they will win easily. Divisional games are never easy, but this game should be solid win.

WEEK 8: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Dallas Cowboys- VICTORY (6-2)

I believe that the Eagles will split with the Cowboys this season, and I can’t imagine them winning in “Jerry World.” It’s never an easy game when the Eagles are playing the Cowboys, and I believe that the Eagles and Cowboys are very close talent-wise. I think the Eagles will find a way to secure a win in front of their home crowd. I’ll take the Eagles by six or less.


WEEK 10: Philadelphia Eagles at New York Giants- VICTORY (7-2)

I feel less confident about this game than the last game against the Giants for three reasons. First, if the Eagles don’t hit the ground running after their bye, the Giants will win this game. Second, it’s always tough to win a divisional game on the road. Third, it’s hard to beat a team twice in one season. I think the Eagles will find a way to secure a win here.

WEEK 11: Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns- VICTORY (8-2)

This game is no longer an easy one because the Browns have a much better roster than in recent history. Can the Browns figure out how to make it work this season? I think the Browns will find a way to cause themselves plenty of trouble and be their own worst enemy. I think the Eagles will defeat the Browns because the Browns will defeat themselves first.

WEEK 12: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle Seahawks- LOSS (8-3)

The Eagles are lucky this game is at home. The Eagles will have won their last four games, and they may get too cocky because of it. The Seahawks have a talented offense and defense, and the Eagles will need to be at 100% in order to win this, and I don’t think they will be. The Seahawks did beat the Eagles twice last season, and they will find a way to do it again.

WEEK 13: Philadelphia Eagles at Green Bay Packers- VICTORY (9-3)

The Packers could have snagged a weapon for Aaron Rodgers in the WR-loaded draft; instead, they took another QB. The Packers haven’t improved much on offense, and their defense isn’t as good as it needs to be. The Packers are so dependent on Aaron Rodgers, which will come back to hurt them in the end. The Eagles will go into Lambeau, and they will win.

WEEK 14: Philadelphia Eagles vs. New Orleans Saints- LOSS (9-4)

The Saints are really good offensively, and they also have a good defense. How will the Eagles’ revamped secondary fare against Michael Thomas and company? Well, the Saints have one of the best teams in the league, and I think the Saints will be too much for the Eagles. The Eagles could use this victory, but they won’t get it. This game or the one against the Ravens will be Eagles’ worst loss of the season.

WEEK 15: Philadelphia Eagles at Arizona Cardinals- VICTORY (10-4)

The Cardinals have made plenty of moves recently to bolster their roster. I love that they drafted Isaiah Simmons, and the Cardinals stole DeAndre Hopkins from the Texans. This is a potential upset. The Cardinals are much better than people believe, and I’m not even a Kyler Murray fan. The Eagles will win this game, if they play to their full potential, but they can’t afford to slip up.

WEEK 16: Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys- LOSS (10-5)

The Eagles always have a tough time playing in Dallas, and it’s not going to be easy. The Eagles will have their hands full, and I don’t think they will be able to win twice. Could the Eagles win this game? Yes, they could because I do believe the Eagles are the better team, but I doubt it will happen twice in one season.

WEEK 17: Philadelphia Eagles vs. Washington Redskins- VICTORY (11-5)

The Eagles end the season as they began it: playing the Redskins. The Redskins will get better throughout the season, but it won’t be enough to make this close. The Eagles will be looking into improve their playoff chances in this game, so this game will be extra important. The Eagles will win this game by 15+ points, and they will solidify a spot in the playoffs.

PLAYOFF OUTLOOK: #3 or #4 seed

The Eagles are an incredibly talented team, but the NFC is loaded with talent, as well. I believe that the 49ers and Saints will secure the top two seeds in the NFC. This would leave the #3 and #4 seeds open for the Eagles. The Eagles and the Seahawks will be competing for the #3 seed, and both teams will be fighting hard for that seed. The loser will get the #4 seed. Being the #4 seed is a tough draw. Imagine all the teams that could secure the #5 seed: The Packers, Vikings, Cowboys, Buccaneers, Falcons, etc. The difference between #3 and #4 is huge this season. I think the Eagles will end up being the #4 seed in the NFC, and they will have a very difficult first-round game.

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