Predicting the 2020 NFL Season

NFL wants fantasy football-based curriculum in elementary schools ...
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The NFL is never stagnant. There are always plenty of moving pieces, and every team is always evolving. The 2020 NFL Draft class is exceptional and dynamic, and this class will dramatically alter the landscape of the NFL. With the 2020 NFL schedule now public, fans can argue and debate which teams are poised to make the playoffs and which teams are doomed to miss it. Here are my predictions for every single team.

Before I released my standings, I want to make a few things clear. First, remember this is the first season with a format that allows seven teams from each conference to make the playoffs, so 7th is no longer a runner-up position. Second, remember that this prediction is being created in May. Things will continue to develop and change. Last season, I had to change my predictions several times as new information was released. Last, I am an Eagles fan. I just like to mention it when I do articles like this so that I can address any bias. Without further ado, here are my predictions!

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