Why Should I Try Disc Golf

Eagle McMahon lines up a putt at the Konopiste Open
Image via DiscMania

The origins of golf can be traced back to 15th century Scotland, and even earlier roots of the sport can be found as far back as 100 BC in Rome from the game “paganica.” The sport continues to capture the hearts of plenty around the world, and whether it’s “mini” or “regular” golf, everyone will have fun chasing the lowest possible score they can. However, have you ever heard of disc golf? Disc golf is a fun activity, and it’s something you can even learn about, practice, and excel at during quarantine!

Disc golf is very similar to regular golf. Starting on the tee, you will “drive” by throwing the disc, and you aim for the “catch” or basket. The objective is to get the disc in the basket in as few throws as possible. Once the disc lands in the basket or chains, you have completed the hole. Most holes have a par between three and five strokes, and the courses provide a great opportunity for people to get out and explore nature. So, why should you try disc golfing? Here are just some of the many reasons:

It’s not that expensive:

Normally, playing golf is not a very cheap pastime. With purchasing clubs, paying for a round, and renting a cart, your costs add up quickly. Disc golf is very affordable. A starter set will cost you about $30, and the discs will last you a very long time. The majority of courses are free, and only a few require a fee to play. When you average it out, the cost of the discs can be spread out over a plethora of rounds, and it can become very cost effectively quickly.

There are so many discs:

There are three main types of discs: drivers, mid-ranges, and putters. However, there are so many different companies that produce discs; additionally, each company produces their discs in a variety of plastic types. The possibilities truly are abundant. You can find what works best for you, and the game can become very customizable. Also, with the courtesy aspect of the game, if you write your name and phone number on the disc, someone should help return it to you if you’d ever lose one.

Fun, unique exercise:

Let’s be honest; it hasn’t been easy to stay in shape during quarantine. Exercise is just not fun. Disc golf makes getting outside fun. Disc golfing involves throwing long distances, hiking through nature, and interacting with the world around you. It’s a fun way to workout and get outdoors, and it doesn’t even feel like a workout.

Play with friends and family:

Social distancing is just not easy, and disc golf can provide a great opportunity to be close, yet far away. You can easily keep your distance during rounds, and you can still spend time with those that matter. Since only you are touching your discs, there’s no spread of germs, and you can keep your distance on fairways and in the woods. It’s a fantastic way to compete with those you care about.

It’s a growing activity:

Disc golf is becoming very popular. Did you know that there are professional national tournaments? You can watch some of them on JomezPro or Central Coast Disc Golf (both are accessible on YouTube.) Also, the professional athletes broadcast rounds on their channels, and this is a great way for fans to connect with a pro. These tournaments can have major cash prizes, and they take place on fantastic, gorgeous courses. The number of players has increased recently, and the sport will continue to see growth over time. Why not hop on the train before it leaves you behind?


Disc golf courses are everywhere. For example, within 19 miles of my house, there are 20 different courses. There are apps you can use as a scorecard, and they will even show you how you are progressing during your career. You won’t be forced to play the same courses if you don’t want to. Disc golf is very customizable. You can manipulate the game itself, the discs, and the course you play. The possibilities for the sport are endless. If you’re tired of staring at your walls during quarantine, you should go out and try out disc golf today!

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