Why Alex Smith Should Be QB1

Alex Smith reportedly cleared for full football activity by his ...
Alex Smith going into the tunnel. Image via NBCSports.

Alex Smith has been cleared by his surgical team to resume full football activities. Injured against the Houston Texans with a gruesome leg injury, Smith has not played in the NFL since 2018. He’s spent the last few years recovering from fractures in his tibia and fibula.

In an interview with ESPN, Smith said that he is “very much lucky to be alive, very lucky to still have my leg.” Once the infection set in his leg, Smith feared for his life. He didn’t know if he would even survive the gruesomeness of the injury.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Smith said he was in danger of dying and had to ask doctors not to amputate his leg. Whether he plays another snap or not, Smith is an example of a warrior that refused to give in and accept fate.

Now, Smith can come back to the NFL and compete; however, he is facing so many issues in his return. First, the Washington Football Team already has a quarterback (Dwayne Haskins.) Second, this franchise is facing so many issues and challenges, and we – as fans – don’t even know all the ugly and nasty details yet.

Alex Smith is walking into a situation that no quarterback has ever faced. Washington is going through a complete overhaul and has a long-term QB already in place. What does this mean for Smith? Can he have a major impact in his long-awaited return?

The answer is an emphatic “yes.”

First, Haskins struggled in his start with the Redskins. Haskins, the 15th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, underperformed in most people’s eyes. While he was a rookie, and there was a steep learning curve, Haskins still didn’t rise to the challenge enough to instill a ton of confidence in the hearts of the Washington Football Team.

Smith has a lot of talent and experience, and he knows what it takes to succeed in the NFL. While he isn’t a generational talent, Smith has more than enough ability to revolutionize the team. Right now, Smith would be an upgrade over Haskins, and Smith could help Haskins develop into a long-term stud.

More important than his ability, Smith has the personality and leadership qualities needed to stabilize the turmoil in the Washington Football Team franchise. Washington needs a leader; Smith can be that leader.

Smith has a heartwarming story to inspire fans and connect with the community. Fans will feel that there is something worth trusting in and believing in with Smith. He can be the light at the end of the bleak tunnel that is the Washington Football Franchise.

Now, Smith won’t immediately succeed, and he will have to get reacclimated, as well. However, I have more confidence in him than Haskins or any other QB. Smith has the talent and leadership qualities that Washington needs. If he can physically perform, Alex Smith should be QB1 against the Philadelphia Eagles week one.

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