Philadelphia Eagles 2020 Week 3 Preview

Philadelphia Eagles v Cincinnati Bengals
Can the Eagles find a way to get a victory this weekend? (Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles are coming off their worst start since 2015 after losing two straight games against the Washington Football Team and Los Angeles Rams. The Cincinnati Bengals also have fallen to 0-2 after losses to the Los Angles Chargers and Cleveland Browns.

Both teams desperately need a victory to remain in contention for a division title, and neither team can afford to fall to 0-3. Additionally, both the Eagles and Bengals have looked strong at times, and they both have fallen apart at times.

Who will be able to put together a performance good enough to earn a victory? Let’s analyze both teams.

Philadelphia Eagles (0-2):

The Eagles have been, well, incredibly confusing. After jumping out to a massive lead against the Washington Football team, the Eagles fell apart, and they sputtered out in an abysmal loss.

In the game against the Rams, the Eagles started slow, got better, and, then, collapsed again. Can the Eagles figure out what their issue is by Sunday?

Carson Wentz has looked off his game to start the year, and the revamped Eagles’ receiving corps hasn’t yielded any eye-opening results. The Eagles’ offensive line did a good job protecting Wentz against Aaron Donald, but if Wentz and his weapons can’t put points on the board, the Eagles are in major trouble.

Defensively, the Eagles have been porous, lackluster, and uneventful. They have given up an average of 344 YPG and 32 PPG.

No performance like this will help the Eagles make a playoff run.

With plenty of questions about their health and their play, can the Eagles get the job done against another 0-2 squad?

Cincinnati Bengals (0-2):

It’s been a pretty big culture adjustment for Joe Burrow hasn’t it?

The former Heisman winner has seen a botched FG for a loss and plenty of other shockers in just two weeks as a QB. After a solid performance against the Browns, can Burrow build on his success and capitalize here?

Simply put, this game is a major litmus-paper test for Joe Mixon. He has just 115 rushing yards on 35 carries this season with zero touchdowns.

Burrow is relying on Mixon to help him lead the offense, and Mixon isn’t doing his part. The Eagles have a solid defensive line, so Mixon won’t have an easy matchup.

Can Mixon find a way to lead this team and get past his recent troubles?

Defensively, the Bengals are giving up 398 YPG and 25.5 PPG. The Eagles have weapons that can burn the Bengals’ secondary, but could the Bengals turn the tables on the Eagles and limit Wentz once again?


Eagles win 26-20, Bengals +6.5, Under 46.5

I am praying the Eagles win this game for one purely selfish reason: Sunday is my birthday.

If I have to watch the Eagles get embarrassed on my birthday, I’m going to be incredibly upset.

Now, I know I don’t have the greatest luck in the world, so I’m sure that this is probably going to backfire, but I’m taking the Eagles in a close one.

The Eagles have more to lose here, and they are still the better team. Wentz will find a way to change what he has been doing wrong, and Miles Sanders will build on a solid week two performance.

The Eagles are better both offensively and defensively, so they should win this game. If they can find a way to get pressure on Burrow and force him to make errant throws, they will be able to capitalize on his mistakes.

The Bengals are a good pick to cover because the spread is fairly high, and the both teams are wildly unpredictable right now. Additionally, I like this game to be a low-scoring matchup.

Neither team will run away with this game, and it will be close until the end. However, if I only get one present on my 22nd birthday, I hope it’s an Eagles’ victory.

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