Dear Kobe

Kobe… Thank You (Wikimedia Commons)

Dear Kobe,

How does one measure a life?

How does one truly examine all the things that an individual has accomplished?

Many people will start by looking at your basketball career. 

You’re a 18-time All Star with five championships and two Finals MVP awards. 

You scored 81 points in one game and once hit 12 3-pointers in one game.

Only three men have surpassed your mark of 33,643 points. Not even Jordan could score more than you.

However, there is so much more to you, Kobe, than your ability to put that orange ball into the basket.

You were a husband, father, leader, mentor, hero, legend, advocate for women’s sports and an overall genuine human being.

I never got the opportunity to meet you, but everyone who did raved about your character, work ethic and “Mamba Mentality.”

You worked harder than everyone else, and you sacrificed so much to reach the pinnacle of sporting success. You took it even further by being a man first and being an athlete second.

It’s crazy to see just how much of an impact one person can have on this Earth, but you, Kobe Bryant, were no mere man.

You were a gift and an inspiration to us all, and I’m thankful that I at least got to watch you play, even if I wasn’t mentally ready to process your greatness as I grew up.

Here’s to all the crumpled-up paper balls from now until eternity.

For Kobe…

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