Background & Ethics


Growing up, I played just about every sport possible. I played soccer, baseball, basketball, football, tennis and track and field. Sports have always been a major part of my life for so many reasons. Not only are sports a fun way to exercise and pass time, they have also helped me meet some of my best friends and create bonds with them that extend further than the physical boundaries on the court. I have grown so much as an individual – both physically and mentally – as a result of my involvement in sports through a multitude of practices, games and individual hours of preparation.

The two main sports I follow and play are football and basketball. I have played both since I was about 3 years old, and they both have been tremendous influences on who I am today. Football and basketball are sports that require exceptional teamwork, in addition to extraordinary individual performance. They require you to cooperate with and to sacrifice everything for your team around you. I truly believe sports are a phenomenal metaphor for life.

I was a lineman on both sides of the ball for my football team – in addition to being the kicker – until 8th grade, where I decided to focus on my main love: basketball. I played basketball competitively up until my senior year in high school. Also, during my senior year of high school, I became a school-record holder for discus, and I broke my own record six times throughout the season. I never even considered track and field growing up, but it taught me hard work, perseverance and dedication.

I am a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University, where I majored in broadcast journalism and earned two minors – business and sports studies – in addition to a certificate for sports journalism. During my time at Penn State, I was blessed to be able to cover multiple Division 1 sports, high school football and even sports internationally through a trip to Scotland.

My podcasts, articles and sports Twitter – @ericsfensty – are all dedicated to my future in sports journalism, in addition to this website. I am branching out and interacting with a wide sports audience. I’m open to all conversations about sports, and I’m always open to talk about anything. Although I’m a Philadelphia sports fan – Eagles, 76ers and Phillies – I am always more than willing to talk about any team or issue in the sports realm.


I, Eric Scott Fenstermaker, promise to accurately and truthfully cover all matters that I am assigned to or choose to report on. My first loyalty is to my audience, and I promise to do the best that I physically, mentally and emotionally can do to serve the public information that will add value to their lives and promote meaningful dialogue. Journalism is a passion of mine and something I wish to spend my whole life doing.

To do this, I understand that I must never cut corners, lie, fabricate, plagiarize or deprive anyone of content that is truly theirs. As a result, any errors I believe I have made will be posted below. I encourage anyone to ask me questions about my work so that I may always be a truthful and well-respected source of information.

I believe that transparency and ethics are a huge deal in the journalistic community. If you don’t trust me, why should you trust my information? I don’t want to deceive anyone. People deserve the truth, and my future depends on my credibility.

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