Eagles 2019 NFL Draft Recap

The 2019 NFL Draft has come to a close, and there are many winners and losers. Every team came in with a detailed game plan for success, but not every team emerged victorious. The Philadelphia Eagles utilized five picks in the draft. The Eagles, who have enjoyed much success recently, looked to select the best … Continue reading Eagles 2019 NFL Draft Recap

Where I Believe Antonio Brown Should Go

The Antonio Brown saga seems to have gone on forever, and I honestly have lost a lot of interest in the whole situation. It’s a very unfortunate situation for all sides involved. The Buffalo Bills seemed to finally answer the question of where Brown would play late last night; however, that idea quickly went by … Continue reading Where I Believe Antonio Brown Should Go

Analyzing the Tobias Harris Trade

             Everyone remembers the low points of the famous “process” the Philadelphia 76ers have been executing for multiple years. From 2013-2017, the 76ers won 75 games and lost and 253 for a winning percentage of 29.6%. 76ers fans knew that had to “trust the process” and the long cycle of … Continue reading Analyzing the Tobias Harris Trade

Should Tom Brady retire?

            Regardless of where you stand on the Rams vs. Saints debacle, the dominance of Tom Brady can’t be ignored. Brady has five Super Bowl victories, has been to eight, and has four Super Bowl MVP awards. He continues to solidify his legacy and add to the legend that is Tom Brady. Even when he … Continue reading Should Tom Brady retire?

Why you need to know the name Ja Morant

            Ja Morant may not be a Duke Blue Devil, but he deserves the respect and publicity of athletes like Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett. Morant is a sophomore at Murray State and is dominating the college game. After averaging just 12.7 points per game his freshman year, Morant has … Continue reading Why you need to know the name Ja Morant