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THON: Bringing Best Friends Together

THON brings the entire Penn State community together, including two best friends. I explore how this duo’s friendship blossomed due to their commitment to THON.

Centre County COVID

Centre County is just one of the many areas across the country that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this package, I explore what this means for the area and the Penn State community, while also talking about some of there nature and architecture on campus.

Pandemic Profile Package- Chris Harner

The pandemic has been a tough time for many in Centre County, including farmers. I interviewed Chris Harner of Harner Farms to learn more about how these uncertain times have impacted himself and the business.

Web Story:…ing-the-pandemic/ 

Pennsylvania Bridges

Pennsylvania is currently facing a massive funding deficit when it comes to repairing its bridges. I talked to a couple of PennDOT workers and community members in Centre County to find out just how important bridges are to local communities.

Web Story:…or-centre-county/

Happy Valley Sports and Entertainment Commission

The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau recently announced the creation of the Happy Valley Sports and Entertainment Commission. I explored what this means for the area and what the implications are for Happy Valley.

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