COMM 465 Work

Package 1: Centre County COVID

Centre County is just one of the many areas across the country that has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In this package, I explore what this means for the area and the Penn State community, while also talking about some of there nature and architecture on campus.

Package 2: Pandemic Profile Package- Chris Harner

The pandemic has been a tough time for many in Centre County, including farmers. I interviewed Chris Harner of Harner Farms to learn more about how these uncertain times have impacted himself and the business.

Web Story:…ing-the-pandemic/ 

Package 3: Pennsylvania Bridges

Pennsylvania is currently facing a massive funding deficit when it comes to repairing its bridges. I talked to a couple of PennDOT workers and community members in Centre County to find out just how important bridges are to local communities.

Web Story:…or-centre-county/

Package 4: Happy Valley Sports and Entertainment Commission

The Happy Valley Adventure Bureau recently announced the creation of the Happy Valley Sports and Entertainment Commission. I explored what this means for the area and what the implications are for Happy Valley.

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Throughout my time in COMM 465, I worked on a lot of different projects. Here is a compilation of some of my best moments on camera.

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