Podcast 70: Addressing Morey’s Moves

Daryl Morey has impacted the 76ers in just his short time with the franchise. However, has every move been good? What do these new players mean for the team’s plan both this season and next year? Click here to listen to both Joe Eckstein and me break down the 76ers’ recent moves!

“The Last Dance” director, Jason Hehir, addresses students about his documentary, personal journey.

Jason Hehir, director of the Emmy-winning Netflix documentary, “The Last Dance,” spoke to Penn State students about the documentary’s development and gave students personal advice Wednesday.

Why the 2020 NBA All-star Game Succeeded

In the past, the NBA All-star game hasn’t been one dominated by hard work, grit, or passion; rather, it’s just been a free-for-all. To some sports fans – like myself- the All-star Game is the worst part of the entire weekend. This year, the NBA created an All-star Game that excited fans. How did they do this?