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Welcome! My name is Eric Fenstermaker, and I am currently a Penn State student studying Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Business. My dream job is in the broadcasting field covering sports in some fashion as a broadcaster, writer or analyst. On my website, I have all of my podcasts and articles, which span four different sports, archived. In addition to my writings here, I am also a contributor for The Birds Informer (https://birdsinformer.com/), a sports journalism website that covers the Philadelphia Eagles. I also have podcasts and articles for The Nittany News – (https://nittanynewslehighvalley.com/category/news/). I enjoy discussing and debating the NBA, NCAAF, NCAAB and the NFL. Check out my content here!

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Feel free to contact me with any comments, suggestions or ideas on previous or for upcoming posts! I am always more than willing to listen to new topics and takes in the sports world. In addition to these outlets, I also have a contact form above (next to background tab) that is also an avenue to contact me.

Email: Fensty39@me.com

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Twitter: @EricSFensty
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