Interview with Jessica Towne

I decided to interview Jessica Towne. Towne covers the Eagles, 76ers, Phillies, and Flyers, and she is a powerful voice for women’s journalism for Babes On Broad. I wanted to learn more about the role of gender in her content production and social media interaction. Here is my interview with Jessica:

Why Sports Fans Need Dynasties

Some fans view dynasties as anticompetitive, evil and horrible for the sport. Many fans believe that dynasties destroy the balance of the league because, despite the plethora of teams, only one seems to emerge victoriously. Spectators love to watch teams like the Golden State Warriors. They claim established dynasties upset the power structure of the … Continue reading Why Sports Fans Need Dynasties

Butterflies and Officiating in Professional Sports

In life, answers and concrete evidence are critical for any successful venture. For example, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, has multiple reports and findings to sift through before determining the best plan of action for the prominent company. He examines profits, losses, technological ideas, advancements and hundreds of graphs and tables before finally levying … Continue reading Butterflies and Officiating in Professional Sports