NBA All-Star Draft Predictions

I’m not the biggest fan of the NBA all-star game, but I’m a huge fan of televising the draft. I believe it is going to be very interesting to see if Giannis Antetokounmpo takes his teammate, Khris Middleton, right away, or waits a pick or two. Will Lebron James draft a team primarily to win, or will be load up on the free agents he really likes to try to woo them? Although this game won’t count on any players record, this game can still carry a lot of weight, possibly even into this summer’s free agency. Lebron will have the first pick and Antetokounmpo will follow due to all-star voting. Check out the order that I would draft below:

Lebron James Giannis Antetokounmpo
Kevin Durant Steph Curry
Kawhi Leonard James Harden
Paul George Kyrie Irving
Kemba Walker Joel Embiid
Anthony Davis Nikola Jokic
Ben Simmons Khris Middleton
Damian Lillard Klay Thompson
Kyle Lowry Blake Griffin
Bradley Beal Russell Westbrook
Karl Anthony Towns LaMarcus Aldridge
Nikola Vucevic D’Angelo Russell
Dwyane Wade Dirk Nowitski


Lebron’s team highlights: Kevin Durant and Lebron: the two best players in the league on the same team, Paul George with the man he chose not to team up with, Anthony Davis gets to play with Lebron, Ben Simmons gets to be on a roster with Lebron and develop fuller, Bradley Beal gets to play with Lebron after he was possibly a trade target all year, and we get Lebron and Dwayne Wade together one more time.

Giannis’s team highlights: The Splash Brothers get to bombard defenses with 3-pointers, James Harden’s scoring paired with Kyrie Irving’s handle, Joel Embiid and Russell Westbrook get paired together after their argument, Khris Middleton gets with his Bucks teammate, and the combination of two international players, Giannis and Dirk Nowitski.

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