2021-2022 NFL Predictions

With the start of the NFL season coming quickly, who do you have winning it all? (Via PIXY)

The NFL regular season is just around the corner, and fans of football couldn’t be more excited.

Last year’s finale featured a young, dynamic star (Patrick Mahomes) and the greatest of all time (Tom Brady). Both the playoffs and regular season provided plenty of sparks last year, and with an elite class of rookies coming in, the NFL is ready for another season of greatness.

The website Playoff Predictors gives fans the opportunity to pick every single game including the playoffs and Super Bowl. It’s a great tool to help you lock in your picks and secure bragging rights over your friends.

I went through and picked every single game next year to record my selections. They are recorded in the link below.

I will say this: After making my picks, I had to go back and make a few changes to make it diverse. My original selections led me to a Chiefs vs. Buccaneers rematch, and I just don’t think a repeat of last year’s Super Bowl is probable. Hence, I took the Browns over the Chiefs in a wild upset.

Do I think the Browns should be the favorites in the AFC- no. In fact, I think they are not even one of the top two teams in the AFC. However, the playoffs don’t respect standings, and anything can happen, so bring on the upsets.

Without further ado, here are my picks:


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