2020 CFP Championship Overview

            The College Football Playoff is tonight, and LSU will tangle with Clemson for CFP glory. Both teams have taken extremely different paths, yet both have ended up one win away from glory. It is a match-up with many intriguing storylines, so it will be a fantastic game. Here are some of the things to consider for this game, in addition to who I think will win:

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LSU: LSU has definitely played plenty of tough competition all season long. LSU’s undefeated record came from tough wins against teams like Texas, Florida, Auburn, Alabama, and Georgia. They have looked dominant all season long, and they have the Heisman, Joe Burrow, on their side. LSU defeated Oklahoma 63-28, and it was impressive for two reasons. The first reason is simple: LSU scored 63 points. That kind of offensive explosion is remarkable for a playoff game. Second, LSU held Oklahoma – a team that loves to rack up points and yards – to just 28 points. LSU is ready for this game, and they won’t be easy to contain.

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Clemson: Don’t count out Clemson. They have been here before, and they simply don’t care about the noise. Clemson was doubted and talked down upon due to their weak schedule, but the defending champs ended their season undefeated, nonetheless. Then, Clemson walked into their biggest game against Ohio State and handed them a loss (29-23) in a game that, quite frankly, I thought they had less than a 10 percent chance of winning. Clemson has shown they deserve to be here, and under the leadership of Trevor Lawrence, Clemson is just one win away from defending their honor.

History: If you search up the history of the CFP, you won’t find LSU. LSU has never been in the CFP prior to this season, and they will be looking to stay undefeated in their CFP debut. I wonder how this inexperience in the CFP will factor into their game plan. LSU is battle-tested; however, this is new territory for them. Clemson needs no introduction when you discuss CFP greats. Clemson only missed the CFP the first season it was created. Of the 5 CFP championships, Clemson has been in 3 of them, and they have won two of them. Clemson knows what it takes to win in college football’s biggest stage, and that will definitely be a bonus.

Prediction: I am all about diversity when it comes to sports. Whether it be a 16 seed beating a 1 or a titan falling from the top spot, I love when newcomers rewrite history in a new way. I’m taking LSU in this match-up. To me, they have shown all season long that they are the best team, and they have been proven this through plenty of tough games. Also, it never hurts to have the potential #1 pick on your side, too. I like LSU in a closer one than I would have originally thought before the CFP started. Clemson’s experience is their biggest weapon, but I’ll take this season’s dominance over past glory.

My prediction: LSU: 34, Clemson: 24.

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